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  1. General Routing
    Greetings, Hope everyone is well. I am pretty much embarrassed to even ask this question. I am attempting to make some small boxes ( 5” x 5” x 6”) with Through Dovetail Joins using a Porter Cable 4216 Dovetail Jig. Whether making Tails or Pins, after the first pass for the second routing on...
  2. Jigs and Fixtures
    After some practice, i have had success making box joints using a shop made jig described in . I got too much tearout using it with a dado blade, but was happy after putting it on my router table using an upcut spiral bit.
  3. New Member Introductions
    I do a lot of router work and thought I could gather and disperse information through this site. I have 40 years experience building custom furniture. I have a dozen or more routers - most mounted in tables that I have built. I am currently making boxes - ring boxes, tea boxes, keepsake boxes...
  4. General Routing
    I am trying to make a recipe box by joining the sides with box joints using a spacer fence. Having difficulty aligning the sides so they will fit in the desired orientation. I want the cube to be fully put together, then I will route a dodo on the outside to intersect with a previously routed...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi all. I am new to the forum and don't know my way around this site. Is there any information on routing box joints? Instructions on making a simple jig would be most helpfull. Thanks, Greg
  6. General Routing
    On episode 202 Bob and Rick Rosendahl explain how we can make a tissue box cover. Apart from that we will also be looking at how to splice joints using dovetails, how to make the perfect box joints, how to use a non-plunge router for internal cuts and the best way to trim a lid. Now let's watch...
  7. General Routing
    Hi to all. I am just a beginner DIY enthusiast and am looking for a jig to cut box joints, using a router
1-7 of 7 Results