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  1. Show N' Tell
    Today was two firsts for me. Firing up my new Craftsman 2 ½ HP 320.27680. Took the plate off the fix base to put the router in the table. Took out the 3 screws and looking at it I noticed 5 screw holes. When I put it in the table the 5 holes aligned perfectly with the ones in the table (I...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello, I am Vernon (Poo to my grandkids) I live and wood fun in Elizabethtown, Ky where I make wooden knives, boxes and turn bowls. I look forward to being a member and to be able to learn from all of you. Vernon
  3. Show N' Tell
    Here's a few more boxes that I've managed to knock out over the past few months.. The first is maple and walnut...a request from the LOML for one of her church ladies buddies...The lil music box is a simple 8 note that actually sounded pretty nice...Amazing Grace...finish is spray can...
  4. Tools and Woodworking
    Boxes come in all shapes and colors, and for any purpose. Today, Bob Rosendhal shows us how to make a box with a lid, using a router. Any box consists of 6 pieces—the top and bottom piece, two sidepieces, and two end pieces. Step One For this project, put a rabbiting bit, 3/8 of an inch wide...
  5. New Member Introductions
    I am a newbie to routing. I have of shop full of new large woodworking equipment and 1000 plus brd ft of lumber. My wife and I plan on starting significant production soon. And we have a new Bosch MRC23evsk. Out of the box but not yet started... I want to make a line of boxes. They will be...
  6. Tools and Woodworking
    Posted this earlier, but it seems to have got lost in the ether. I seem to get various things that come in blister packs which would be better in some sort of box. The Point-to-Point is a good example. It really doesn't want throwing in a drawer with other stuff. Before I start making boxes...
1-6 of 6 Results