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  1. Tools and Woodworking
    I want to make table tops from left over 2"x 10" pine. I made an initial test one by squaring each side; then planning them to 1.25"(this was the width that allowed me to remove the board warp);then I routed a finger joint full length;glued and clamped together. When clamping together I also...
  2. Router Bits - Types and Usage
    Hi. I need a dovetail bit for house building, so a big one. A brand in Europe called ARUNDA sell it, but the price for the bit is 330 euros, so 425 dollars. It's very expensive for a dovetail bit, isn't it. I'm sure a similar product exist in US, cause you have lot of brands, but i don't know...
  3. Project Plans and How To
    I am in the process of planning to build my own wood screen/storm rear door, only because I can't find any 24 inch ones at retails/home depots, etc. Has anyone ever attempted this? If so, do you have any information on how to accomplish this? Any help would do. The door needs to be able to...
1-3 of 5 Results