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  1. CNC Routing
    Hi, I just graduated with a degree in Fine Woodworking. I want to start my own small business making furniture, carvings, and intricate signs using a CNC. I'm been working with someone from Laguna who has been absolutely wonderful and I'm strongly considering the Laguna Shop Smart M 4'x8'. I...
  2. CNC Routing
    Hello, First of all, this is a new world for me so please write answers including the very basics. If you don’t have time to read the background then skip to the end where the specific question is. Background I just completed designing and building a three phase inverter and a gate driver...
  3. Router Forums Classifieds
    I'm selling a used Shaper Origin with approximately 10 hours of use. Original price $2,599, purchased direct from Festool USA. Current pricing for a new unit is $2,899+. This high-quality tool offers unparalleled accuracy and flexibility, allowing you to create custom cuts and designs with...
    $2,100 USD
  4. CNC Routing
    Hi I am looking for anybody that has done a belt replacement on a SCM Routech Record 130 Z-Axis mine has grenade-ed.. I have the belt but have a hard time dropping 3700.00 to SCM to come out and change it. My email is [email protected]
  5. CNC Routing
    Hey everyone! First time posting here (and first time dipping my toes into the world of CNC!) but I'm looking for a bit of advice/direction on an idea I have. I'm looking to find a partner to work with on a project where a location (body of water, landscape etc.) is cut into a piece of wood...
  6. CNC Routing
    I am new to this forum and new to using a Cnc. I built my own Cnc and am using Mach3 to run it. I am retired and don’t have a wad of cash to spend on software. I can find gobs of STL files but converting them for use on a Cnc router I find to be almost impossible. Is there any web sites that...
  7. CNC Routing
    I work for a school who have decided they want to sell a Boxford CNC router that's been in storage for a couple of years, There's no software, cables, bits or clamps with the machine and nobody is very sure if the machine still functions. they want me to organise selling it but I wouldn't mind...
  8. CNC Routing
    I have purchased a uc100 motion controller.( Usb to Parallel port adaptor for Mach 3.) I have installed it on a windows 10 laptop. I used the CNC provided drivers installer. Unfortunately there is now an error " plugin Dll Defective when I start Mach 3 and now Mach 3 will not start past this error
  9. CNC Routing
    Hi all, So I'm currently building a PrintNc and need a normally close 24v 3d edge probe. I have found several on AliExpress but all are out of stock or non responsive suppliers. Does anyone know of any brands that makes them or has one they bought that they know works that does cost half the...
  10. Show N' Tell
    Ten years ago, I posted a workshop music player project. Now that I have better tools and more skills, I thought it was time to revisit the project and make some improvements. Here's a brief documentary about the project. The rare music machine was discovered in a forgotten storage area of...
  11. CNC Routing
    Hello! I am new to the forum and looking for some help troubleshooting routing alupanel on our shop's CNC machine; it's pretty normal to have a bit of a burr on the aluminum, but I am having issues with the plastic core cutting "fuzzy". We normally but bigger items and when that happens we use...
  12. CNC Routing
    Hi all, I'm new to CNC here, and I recently purchased a Bulk-man3D QueenBee Pro Router, with the V5 xPRO Controller Kit. I have finished all the mechanical and wiring assembly, and have just reached the point where it is powered up and I am trying to make it move. I have followed all the build...
  13. Show N' Tell
  14. General Routing
    Having problems with router not picking bits when doing a tool change on the Biesse. I have ISO 30
  15. CNC Routing
    So I have a bit of a question about using a CNC to clean up the outer contour of a specific shape. The first image is a bunch of the test runs I did and what the profile is. Now the second image is what my boss wants to be the finish quality of it. Now we just bought a very cheap as CNC from...
  16. CNC Routing
    Hi, I am new to cnc and have just bought a Queenbee Pro with maker shild CNC Controller. I have wired everything up and where trying to connecting to my CNC with DrufelCNC softwear. I go in to settings but no cnc machine appears. And I have no idea why. Does anybody have an idea of why?
  17. CNC Routing
    Hi all, This is my second post after my introductory post on the New Member Introductions section. I installed Universal Gcode Platform on both my Windows PC and Macbook but can only get the 3018 Pro connected using the Macbook. I found an example .gcode test file to run -- when I click the...
  18. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I'm an electronics engineer with experience in electronics, PCBs, soldering, and troubleshooting using test equipment. Experience programming in C++, Python. Just picked up a 3018 CNC MX3 to work on PCBs at home. My younger brother is a mechanical engineering grad and we're both...
  19. CNC Routing
    Im curious about 3d scanners... Does anyone have any experience with them? Are there any that would work with CNC for $1000 or less?
1-19 of 78 Results