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  1. Table-mounted Routing
    I have a table mounted Triton router which has a ½ inch (12.7mm) collet. I often use a collet converter to take it from ½" (12.7mm) inch down to ¼" (6.35mm). I've repeatedly experienced issues with the ¼" becoming loose and effecting my work. :sad: Is there a trick to preventing the bit becoming...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I have an older Craftsman router (315.17470) which has a 1/4" collet. I am having difficulty finding a template bit with a 1/4" shank. I want to know if I can change the collet on my router to accomodate a 1/2" shank.
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello, i'm from argentina, i can´t fin de answer to this questin, please help me Can i use 8 mm bit in 3/8 collet?
  4. Guide Bushings and Templates
    Hi all, I have been using metric drill bits in a router table to drill pen blanks. I have been drilling my pen blanks with a "MLCS Powerlift / Porter-Cable / RBI" Router table, which I have previously posted on this forum as an x-y-z router table. Search term is "x-y-z router...
  5. General Routing
    I have a Craftsman model 315.175170 1/2 inch router that has a 1/4 inch adapter. The 1/4 inch bits won't tighten anymore. Sears says the part is no longer available. This is a $5.00 part that is elusive. Does anyone know where I can get one? Will a Porter cable or other mfr work? Thank you...
  6. Router Bits - Types and Usage
    Hello, I have a Craftsman 315.175341 Router that has a 1/4" collet ONLY. I need to be able to use 1/2" shank bits as well. Are there any universal adapters available that I couldn't find? Or maybe some other method I'm not familiar with. Any input is appreciated. In advance: Thanx C2 (Curt)
1-6 of 6 Results