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  1. General Routing
    I have a B&D Quantum (Model BD6200 Type 1) plunge router. I think it may be basically the same as an Elu MOF96 (European) or a Dewalt 615. I am looking for an 8mm collet and nut set for my B&D Quantum router. Do the 8mm collet and nut set for the Elu or the Dewalt fit the B&D Quantum? And...
  2. Hi

    New Member Introductions
    found this site looking for an answer to QUESTION? Its been a while since I have had a workshop, and I have just set up my leigh jig to make some boxes for the home, decided to use my Elu 96e (its lighter to use than the 177) however the collet is ¼" and you guessed it my leigh bits are all...
1-2 of 2 Results