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    I have an old Victorian home that has missing moldings. I would like to be able to fabricate replacements for some of the old and all of the missing moldings. If anyone has had a similar situation I would be interested in their story. Especially the specialty tools required to form a finished...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello everybody, I am new on this forum. My name is Emmanuel and I am working on Craft wood. I am doing family wood signs, town wood signs, rustic wood signs and custom wood signs. I would apreciate to have a feedback of the website I just started CreateYourWoodSign dot com Thank you Emmanuel
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello all. . . I am in Whangaparaoa, Auckland, New Zealand. I have a furniture design background and own and run an unfitted kitchen furniture business called Opus libero. . . I found Router Forums through looking for box joint jigs. . .now I am looking forward to see what other helpful topics...
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    Profile Customization How do I customize my profile page? You may be able to edit the design and styling of your public profile page (if this is enabled by the board administrator) via the 'Customize Profile' section within the User CP. You can adjust the color scheme, fonts, borders and...