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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello new friends, My name is Garry, I reside in Connecticut, I am the son of a carpenter and am a woodworking enthusiast. I do not earn my living as a woodworker, but enjoy "making saw dust". When I was a kid, my folks would take my brother and I to the Danbury Fair in Danbury, CT. Among...
  2. What is it?
    So for anyone who has seen this post on Lumberjocks, I appologize, just haven't had a lot of responses, or maybe everyone just agrees with the one. Ok, so this Delta/Rockwell 6” jointer was posted on CL and I thought since I can’t buy a new one, this would be a good one to get me going with not...
  3. Jigs and Fixtures
    So I was at Lowes tonight, actually looking for a very large socket I needed to work on a guy's truck I'm fixing, but I always have to look in the woodworking sections in hopes that something good is on sale or clearance. Well I found this one for $45+ my 10% off coupon which brought it down to...
  4. Woodturning and Lathes
    Does anyone know where I can get a Bed Extension for a Delta LA200 Midi?
  5. Tools and Woodworking
    Hello all. I'm a new member and was looking for a manual for the 22-560 planer I just got at a estate sale. Google sent me here so I thought I would join,
1-5 of 5 Results