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  1. CNC Routing
    CNC rotary axis cut handle. Pseudo dovetails joining the low sides to the tall ends were also cut on my CNC. More of the story just posted on my blog HERE . Do you have a portable toolbox? 4D
  2. General Routing
    Greetings! I am working my way through a Porter Cable 4216 Jig on Half-blind Dovetails and for the life of me I cannot figure out why the sockets are narrower than the tails. I can make them fit with enough muscle but they should go together easier than they are. Any assistance greatly...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi Martin here, I have a lot to do with the WoodRat, so will certainly be interested in it, if it comes up as a topic, I shall be happy to add my bit and answer questions if I can, but there are many other interesting areas of woodworking to explore. Martin
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, My name is Bob and I'm a new woodworker in Marietta, Ga. I inherited a whole shop of different woodworking power tools from my father in law (RIP). I expect I'll be touching base here a lot.
  5. General Routing
    On episode 202 Bob and Rick Rosendahl explain how we can make a tissue box cover. Apart from that we will also be looking at how to splice joints using dovetails, how to make the perfect box joints, how to use a non-plunge router for internal cuts and the best way to trim a lid. Now let's watch...
  6. Jigs and Fixtures
    Well I see quite a bit about the Rockler dovetail jig here but did not see anything specific to my problem. I inherited this brand new Rockler jig from my father-in-law. It is not the current model and I did not have the instructions that would have come with it. Since I have not done...
  7. Show N' Tell
    Fun little project made for the family reunion. Made two for the winning team of the corn hole/bean bag game. White oak, plywood, putting green carpet, PVC pipe, releasable hinges, locking hasp, rope handle with 1/2 copper tube smashed on the ends and screwed to the side. Dovetails done with a...
  8. Jigs and Fixtures
    HI everybody, I'm new to this Forum, so Hi. I'm thinking of ordering Dewalt [DE6212] Multi- Functional Dovetail Jig, What are there Pros and Cons and are they suitable for a Hitachi M12sa Your opinions and advice would be much appreciated. I'm also looking for a manual for a above router...
  9. General Routing
    I made a mini blanket chest. The original design calls for a rectangular corner mitered skirt base in 1 x 2 inch pine with an ogee or rounded top edge. I was thinking possibly separate base feet for all four corners. I could leave the bottom plain but think it needs a little dressing up. I...
  10. General Routing
    I have been working with routers for many many years and I still Suck at dovetails. Can anyone please give me some tips to help me. I have built almost everything you can think of but I always find alternatives to work around Dovetails. I have a jig but it is for a 1/2 inch template I have a...
1-10 of 10 Results