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  1. Sign Making
    This is my first sign and I made it using my homemade Copycarver. I made a pattern out of 1/4 luan and used luan scraps to raise the logo and lettering. There are mistakes, and I learned a lot making this first sign. I initially used a 1/8 bit to outline all the raised area and then used a...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I asked for a dupli-carver for Christmas and Mrs Claus told me I was out of my gourd if I thought I was worth the price of one. So I called Terrco and HOLY COW are they proud of those machines, she was right - I'm not worth that much. Then I started googling around for DIY plans to build a...
  3. Router Forums Classifieds
    Im Looking for a used Terrco/Marlin CM-614 or CM-624 model Duplicarver or a similar brand/model. This is for Violin, Mandolin, Guitar building. Im located in North Carolina, USA.
  4. Tools and Woodworking
    hi all, this looks like a very knowledgeable site on woodworknig. have built a few things from wood in the past. most recient is a 10' speed boat. HOWEVER, i found this site when i googled about finding a pantograph propeller duplicator. i had some plans for a homeade unit in the past but have...
1-4 of 4 Results