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  1. Guide Bushings and Templates
    I own a mastercraft spin saw kit and cannot figure out how or where I would put on a guide bushing? Do I need to purchase something else?
  2. Guide Bushings and Templates
    My dovetail jig says to use a .40" guide or bushing, which I can't find. If I use a 3/8" one, which I don't have, what am I going to need to do to compensate? Also top edges of parts are misaligned by about 1/64" - 1/32". Not sure if this is from bit being off center or not. Shank looks...
  3. Sign Making
    Hello All. I hope that someone can help answer a question concerning guide bushings and the Milescraft sign kits. I have a Milescraft 1212 kit (Sears branded) and a DeWalt DWP611 plunge router. I haven't used either yet. I would prefer to use standard DeWalt/Porter Cable guide bushings rather...
  4. New Member Introductions
    hey new to this forum thing. i have no woodworking education and have learned from watching and trying. I find this has limited by abilities. i find myself in a spot i need help. basis basic eguipment and I relize it is time to drop some money. using an old cfaftsman router table and...
  5. Guide Bushings and Templates
    Using a dish carving bit (from LV #16J26.70), I have to route 1/16" recesses in perfect circles. If the photo upload cooperates, you can see my prototype (done with Forstner bit). But maybe I need more posts first. I plan to use guide bushings inside a template that I can cut with a fly...
  6. Guide Bushings and Templates
    Like many of those reading and writing here, I have seen my guide bushing come loose: it ruined both the bushing and my dovetail template. Looking more closely at the bushing I realized that it floats somewhat relative to the base. That means that as soon as it starts to bear against the...
  7. Guide Bushings and Templates
    I am starting a small project and I will be using PC style guide bushing and I am looking for the math to figure the different bushing to use with 1/4 flute bit. I want to use the PC guide bushings as an inlay set. So as this is my 1st post here, this is the reason that brought me here to what...
1-7 of 7 Results