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  1. CNC Routing
    I do not yet have a CNC table router but I do have an Epilog Laser Machine. I am very interested in any information current users have on project ideas and how to's. I have an Epilog Laser Engraver 24x36 60 watt. I would love to connect with others Laser users here to get crafty ideas with...
  2. CNC Routing
    I researched buying either a cnc, carvewright, or epilog laser for quite a while, I read a ton of reviews on the carveright on Amazon and decided that the machine would most likely drive me crazy and give me limited results. I really wanted to do some graphic work for a site I am working on...
  3. Tools and Woodworking
    I am a 72 year old amatuer woodworker with a pretty complete garage shop. My wife is an artist so we travel to various art shows to sell her jewelry creations. Like all artists she has a 10 X 10 tent to display her art. I make her furnishings, pedastals, fancy picture frames (love the Kreg...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I'm Richard Liu, Jinan K-Flying
1-4 of 5 Results