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  1. Guide Bushings and Templates
    Hey all, it's been a while since I've been in here! I want to buy a nice lettering template for routing a few signs, but I am not at all impressed with what I'm seeing out there. Any suggestions from you that actually have and use them? I'd like a quality, easy to use set. All I see are Rockler...
  2. Router Forums Classifieds
    This is a sign copy carver I made over the winter. You could actually copy other things I was only interested in making wood letter signs. The top measures 36"x60", yep its big, the measurements rail to rail are 34" wide by 36" long. I had the frame welded up and I used solid 5/8" rods for the...
  3. Wood Scrolling
    Hey everybody! Got some great font sites from this thread, thanks! Then I realized I forgot one important fact: I need the letters to "stand up" (on a shelf, for example) once they're cut out... I assume the answer is to choose a font I like and then modify it to make the bottom of the...
  4. Wood Scrolling
    I'm trying to make a desk name plate for my son, who recently was ordained as a Youth Pastor. I am trying spiral scroll saw blades and cutting the letters out. Not doing so well as the blade seems to do a jig and I tighten it down significantly. I think near to the point of breaking...
  5. Sign Making
    Hello everyone. I'm fairly new at this, but I want to make some signs and have been looking at the milescraft Signpro kit and the Rockler guide set. Rockler letters lock together without rails and seem a lot simpler to use. The pictures show them snapped together and then taped to the wood. Has...
  6. Guide Bushings and Templates
    Hi, It's been thirty years since I have done any woodworking and now I have a new granddaughter that I want to make some blocks for. I want to use a router to put letters on them, about 1", and am looking for templates. Any help would be appreciated. Cap
  7. Jigs and Fixtures
    I am looking for a Pantograph to us in my shop. If anyone knows a good cheap one that is easy and durable. I have a 6" base Craftsman. I want to mainly trace drawings and lettering. Thanks in advance
  8. General Routing
    I want to start making wood signs. I recently became unemployed and need some extra income. I need to know where to buy templetes for letters and logo and designs. Any help appreciated!
1-8 of 8 Results