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  1. Article Submissions
    I have just finished this live edge ash dining room table. It measures 72" long, 31" wide, 29" high, and is 21/4" thick. The table rests on 3" square hard maple legs. Table and legs are finished with environmentally friendly Osmo Hard wax Oil and Osmo top coat oil. Osmo is a special finish...
  2. Show N' Tell
    The sawyer at one of the sawmills where I buy wood cut a 5" thick slab from a reclaimed elm log for a table. I took several months of drying with a fan to bring down the moisture to around 9-10%. I sanded both sides carefully and treated both sides with several coats of natural hemp seed oil...
  3. Show N' Tell
    I purchased at our local sawmill a large black walnut slab that had been air-dried for 35 years after being cut in southern Ontario, Canada. I sanded the slab on both sides to 220 grit and then treated it with several coats of hemp seed oil and natural bees wax. It measures 73" long, 14" wide...
1-3 of 3 Results