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  1. CNC Routing
    Hi all, hope you experienced CNCers can advise me. Surfacing a slab of maple, using the Amana 45525 bit. Running it at the recommended speed of 18000, and cutting at 100ips (the fastest my machine will go), with a depth of cut of 0.5mm, I just get continual burning. Tried slowing the rpm - no...
  2. Article Submissions
    I have just finished this live edge ash dining room table. It measures 72" long, 31" wide, 29" high, and is 21/4" thick. The table rests on 3" square hard maple legs. Table and legs are finished with environmentally friendly Osmo Hard wax Oil and Osmo top coat oil. Osmo is a special finish...
  3. The Finishing Touch
    I am not satisfied with the stained finish I get on maple. I use a sealer (very dilute shellac) to eliminate blotchiness, but then it is very difficult to get any decent penetration of the stain that follows. Any suggestions?
  4. New Member Introductions
    I have a difficult time getting a satisfactory stain on maple. I use a light sealcoat to prevent blotchiness, but then it is very difficult to develop a color over the sealed surface.
  5. Jigs and Fixtures
    If Kaufland operate in Serbia and Slovenia this is good for there too. This week I spotted some car roof racks for bicycles in Kaufland. Not that I ride a bike, but the price fascinated me. They were Kns 27, which is around 4 bucks. At that price,they come into the cheap enough to stick on one...
  6. Table-mounted Routing
    I've been planning on getting one of the new Unisaws with the 52" Bieseand installing a router lift in it. While looking at competing saws, I noticed the Powermatic is available with a laminated maple slat top and end vise. My shop is/will be a two car garage but, since my dear wife expects to...
1-6 of 6 Results