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  1. CNC Routing
    I just got done building my 4x4 cnc, plenun and tubing done. Right now I have a lamb motor pulling around ~5”hg at ~90cfm. As it is now I have tubing to route another motor in parallel. I had an idea to make a switcher of sorts to make it possible for the motors to go in series or parallel with...
  2. New Member Introductions
    There are a variety of ways. Many already suggested. I would caution any effort to seal with linseed oil or tung oil, however. The MDF will absorb loads of oils and the oil will "scab over" on the surface. That does not mean that the oils that soaked in have truly cured and you may get some...
  3. Portable Routing
    Hi Folks, I am fairly new to woodworking, been at it 8 months or so. When I first started buying tools, I purchased a new "Toughest" Brand Router for $40. It a very powerful no frills router, and has never given me mechanical trouble. The problem is the weight and visibility of the wood. It...
  4. Starting Off
    I'm setting up a shop for my "retirement" hobby - hopefully creating something more useful than designer sawdust. My first project is making the Wood magazine's Mobile Tool Cabinet - actually two of them. I'll be so glad to get my stuff organized so I don't have to remember which box I stored...
  5. General Routing
    Hi all, Why when I create a 1/4" dado that my 1/4" MDF will not fit in it. I thought 1/4" MDF is truly 1/4". I used a 1/4" spiral upcut bit in in my router table, created the dado then tried fitting the 1/4" MDF in the slot and it would not fit. I need to move the fence back a small amount...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Un saludo para todos, seguro preguntare mucho, y estoy tambien dispuesto a compartir mis conocimientos y experiencia. Me gusta el trabajo con la madera de pino y adjunto un cajon con junta de dedo hecha con el router, tambien foto de una consola fabricada en MDF. Un abrazo a todos.: Haha:
  7. General Routing
    I am planning to rout grooves in some 6 mm thick MDF, and then I will paint it. And I hope it then looks like T and G boarding. I am wondering what the best type of router bit is for this job, and whether there are any special techniques which I should know about. Thanks for any help, David
  8. General Routing
    I am a complete newbie to routing. I just purchased a low end plunge router and table at a big box store. I can figure out how to adjust the router for hand use but I am having a very difficult time adjusting it while on the table. Trying to push on the router while it is upside down and hold it...
  9. DIY and Renovation
    hello everyone ! I am new to this forum and I am excited to have someplace to turn to for help while in a bind ! I am getting ready to build new cabinet doors for my kitchen that are white ! the edges are peeling after 15 years of use ! Will mdf be the best way to go and what is the best way to...
  10. Jigs and Fixtures
    Hello all, I’m new to this forum and woodworking in general so I hope my questions aren’t too vague. If you need more info please ask. These questions could be in a couple of different forum categories so I hope I’m in the correct one. I just bought a Craftsman 17543 router from Sears and...
  11. Jigs and Fixtures
    What is your suggestions for material to make a template if a guide bushing is to be used? MDF?
  12. CNC Routing
    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and am hoping for some good advice. I'm looking for a new or used CNC wood router to use on MDF for closet making and am wondering what to buy. I want to run a pretty good volume through it. Starting at about one house full of closets and increasing to...
  13. General Routing
    Another question from a newbie - I realize that the router table I have, not a quality premade one let's just say, is difficult to use because nothing adjusts very well - a lot of play in the adjustments, etc..., and am contemplating making a new one. Question: is MDF suitable for a router...
  14. General Routing
    Hello, I am trying to route (dado) MDF to support other MDF shelfs. The MDF seems to measure 3/4 inch and the router bit is 3/4 inch, but the pieces don't seem to fit. What's up with that? Thanks, Jefa
  15. Router Bits - Types and Usage
    Howdy folks. First time posting. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about what type of bit to use for routing dados in MDF to build bookshelves. Didn't know if certain cutting edges did better than others. I'm a pretty avid DIY'er with a lot of woodworking/construction :moil...
  16. The Finishing Touch
    Hey, all. I am about to start the paint job on a full set of kitchen fronts. They are made from MDF and they are simply cut to size and the outer edges have been rounded off with a router. Now, I have been wondering, researching, asking around and re-thinking a hundred times to finally come up...
1-16 of 16 Results