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  1. The Finishing Touch
    I make jewelry boxes for my nieces that have a small mirror attached to the inside of the top. I have used two sided tape. This does not always hold. Any suggestions for a better adhesion.
  2. Guide Bushings and Templates
    Years ago I made a number of hand held oval mirrors and gave them for Christmas presents. To my surprise, I've had comments that after almost 40 years, some of the recipients have told me that they still use the mirror on a daily basis and are still enjoying it. My wife suggested I make some...
  3. Show N' Tell
    Here is a project that I completed that I thought turned out pretty nice. It's made entirely out of oak, and I used pocket holes for the joinery. If you want to see more pics and info on how I made this check out my other post at: Rounding over the Shelf Assembling...
  4. Jigs and Fixtures
    Making an accurate template for an oval hand mirror I'm going to try to make a reasonable facsimile of an oval hand mirror. I purchased a mirror and would like to inset it into the body of the mirror base and end up with a decent profile. It's making the template that has me guessing right...
1-4 of 4 Results