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    Complete hybrid pantorouter with aluminium extrusion table for sale.complete kit is 750$ plus shipping.check this link for details Buy a pre-built all-metal pantorouter
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    This is my first time at the forum also i am would like to learn using pantorouter. I would like to build a pantorouter device.
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    Floating Router (Crazy cuts part 1) - YouTube Don't ask me where his dust collection is! If you really want to see the chips fly watch his "Floating Router Duplicator" Floating Router Lathe copier. Big Stick video 1 - YouTube :eek: There is so much there that is wrong I can't start... But...
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    hi everybody greetings from india.i just finished pantorouter the plans from matthias wandel. after all this machine is based on router so thought i should post the pictures on this site.please have a look on my project.hope you would like it.if you have any question please feel free to ask :)...