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    Roland Camm-1 PNC-950 Desktop Sign Maker 24” Vinyl Cutter & Pen Plotter This is my personal vinyl cutting sign maker that I bought new in 1995 so you know it is a vintage relic but is still in use today in many sign and hobby shops. It has a swivel drag knife that cuts standard sign grade...
    $5 USD
  2. Guide Bushings and Templates
    Good Evening, I am relatively new with a router but have used it successfully in my woodworking projects for edging. I have been trying to use it for something more complicated and have been having trouble doing so. Basically, I want to use the router to cut a pattern or profile in 1"x3"...
  3. CNC Routing
    Hi Everyone i am new to this forum and am a CNC project designer with my wife Julie we desgn mostly Toys and doll house patterns etc for cutting on CNC machines we have our own website and a small CNC and toy building shop out back of our house on the indian river inlet in lower Delaware and we...
  4. Guide Bushings and Templates
    I've looked everywhere my search engine took me for flush trim or pattern cutting router bits and I can't seem to find the size I need. :( Top bearing, 1/4 " Dia. 3/4" long flush trim 1/4" or 1/2" shank preferably carbide tipped or solid carbide. The corners on the template for most guitar...
1-4 of 4 Results