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  1. Bosch
    Can I add the plunge attachment for the 1617evspk to my fixed based 1617evs? I saw the plunge attachment for sale as a separate item and was hoping to add it to my tools.
  2. Router Forums Classifieds
    Plunge Base for sale. Very little use... mint condition. Asking $65. Will be putting this on eBay soon.
  3. New Member Introductions
    :help:Hi! I'm new to the forum, so please be patient. I would like to set up an adjustable fence for my DeWalt DWP611 plunge base. There are tapped holes drilled on two sides but I can't find any information on their size and thread. Does anyone happen to know those specs, or do I just have to...
  4. Portable Routing
    Anyone seen the new Makita RT0700CX3? It's selling for around $230, with a plunge base plus tilt, offset base and dust collection shrouds. It looks like it will give the new Dewalt DWP611PK and the Bosch Colt a run for the money. I like Makita products, but since I already own the Colt I am...
  5. General Routing
    Hello all First post here so forgive if it has been asked (but I haven't found anything about it on the net to date) I want to fit my Bosch POF 1200 under the table and remove the plunge mechanism. Has anybody modified there Bosch POF 1200 (or similar)? Another option is to remove the whole...
  6. Show N' Tell
    I tried woodworking a couple of times and my results are posted here: Metrotek's Woodworking Projects @ and here: Highland Woodworking Wood News Online: Reader Contribution - Toy Crane for Charity by Robert Clark Rutkowski Let me know how you think I’m doing. I used an Onsrud...
  7. General Routing
    I am trying to buy a plunge base for my Hitachi M12VC router. I found part number 323-349 for the plunge base for the Hitachi KM12VC (router and plunge base). Can anyone help.
  8. General Routing
    Have a regular base Craftsman router. Is there a place I can buy just a plunge base for it? Whats the least amount of power you would recommend for a plunge router? Thanks
  9. General Routing
    The depth adjustment knob on the 5615-20 Milwaukee "body grip" router is accurate (6/32 = 6/32 actual depth) on the fixed base, but shows 6/32 = 1/8 inch actual depth when the router is in the plunge base (part no. 48-10-5600). Does anyone have the plunge base for the Milwaukee "body grip"...
1-9 of 9 Results