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  1. Table-mounted Routing
    I have a Bosch ra1171 router table and am looking for a router mount insert that I can drill to fit a Freud 2000e or Porter Cable 7518. The router mount insert that comes with the table cannot be use with these routers. Manual states I need a ra1186 adapter. I cannot seem to find such an adapter...
  2. Table-mounted Routing
    Hi all, A few months back I purchased a Bosch router table (RA1171). Impulse buy. I had been looking at routers on amazon and was attracted to the Freud FT3000VCE 3-1/4-HP. High rating and 5 year warranty. However it is not listed in the manual as compatible with the included table plate...
  3. General Routing
    Hi, This is my introduction....I have used a small 1 hp router in the past, mainly for rounding off corners on shelves etc., and it's one of my favorite tools. I recently started building an electric guitar, and I just purchased the Freud FT3000E plunge router. Seems like a solid machine...
1-4 of 4 Results