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  1. Starting Off
    Hello woodworkers! I have been reading your posts for the last few weeks and decided to finally make my voice heard, and also to use this opportunity to try to get your ideas on my router box / mini table that I want to build. I got this idea from John English's article in the "Jigs and...
  2. Table-mounted Routing
    I just completed my custom router table cabinet for my Incra 17" LS Positioner. I purchased the LS Positioner and Table Combo package #3, which comes with the 17" LS Positioner, Wonder Fence, 27" x 43" Incra table top, MagnaLock plate and inserts, as well as the Incra table stand. It is a great...
  3. General Routing
    This is my first post to Router Forums. I have been occasionally checking in to get great insight, advice and opinions from everyone on various topics. I am a professional woodworker, designing and building handcrafted furniture, so this forum is a great asset for information for me. I'll be...
1-3 of 3 Results