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  1. General Routing
    I got this 315.174921 Craftsman 1 1/2hp. router with a router table. The good deal on the table is why I bought it, but there was router with it. (I bought it from Habitat for Humanity resale shop, so don't know the owner, etc.) The collet and collet nut are quite rusty as you can see in...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I am moving to a new house and will be using a garage stall as shop space. We have cold winters here in Minnesota and tools tend to rust when temps go back and forth past the dew point. I thought of building a heated closet to store a cast iron table saw, bandsaw etc which are on wheels, along...
  3. Tools and Woodworking
    Hello all, What do you use to protect your cast iron equipment and tools. Reason I ask, Is I live in NJ, 25min from Jersey Shore (Not sure if that matters) But I'm having a hard time protecting my Table Saw from Surface Rust over a an extended amount of time. Say a week. I just finished my...
1-3 of 3 Results