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  1. Ryobi Manuals
    Ryobi RTS31 Table Saw Owner Manual (English Version)
  2. Show N' Tell
    I've enjoyed the little Ryobi router table that I bought along with the R163 router from Home Depot back in 2011 (I think they carry a different table now) but I've always disliked the little yellow plastic insert rings that came with it. They're just not as flush with the table surface as I...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, Brian here. I'm fairly new to routing. I have a DeWalt DWP611 trim router with plunge base, and a full-size Ryobi. I have just started using the Rockler Portable Trim Router Table, and it's working well for my small jobs. My workshop is in an apartment so space is at a premium. I...
  4. Tools and Woodworking
    Anybody have any experience with the Ryobi & Skil 9" band saws? Both look identical with just a few features that differ. Both are inexpensive. Using this mostly to build dollhouse furniture. Have a Scroll saw and want something more than this (scroll saw). Thank you for any...
  5. Table-mounted Routing
    HEy all. I just joined this very nice forum, and I am very glad to have found it. I am an intermediate in terms of woodworking, maybe more on the beginner side of the fence, but I am learning to do better every day. Now, I have this router, a Ryobi RE180PL1. I want to mount it under the working...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Just joined to learn more about router accessories and attachments. Thanks
  7. General Routing
    Hi, there. I'm a newb, although I've been visiting for awhile... :) I just found my Ryobi brand Straight Edge Guide (Home Depot) does NOT fit into my Ryobi 2 hp Router (Home Depot), model RE180PL1. I purchased these at the same time off the shelf, too. D'oh! Anyone else find this? It's as...
  8. Ryobi Manuals
    Owners manual for the Ryobi BT3100
  9. General Routing
    Hi, I've just joined the forum and have already found a lot of great info. I'm sure I'll discover many more "treasures." I just came across a Ryobi RE600 in what appears to be great condition. It has the 1/4" collet, but it's missing the 1/2 collet. Anyone know where I might be able to find a...
  10. General Routing
    Have just bought a Ryobi ERT2100v router, but can't get the power switch to lock on so it can be used in a router table, will the power switch lock on, Ryobi sell a router table thats suitable for "all Ryobi routers", so I assume it should. comments welcome
  11. General Routing
    Hi I had bought an old craftsman professional router/table at a garage sale for $10. Later bought a ryobi r160 for $10. The craftsman router broke at the shaft lock and my ogee is stuck in the collet. So I bought a opened but new hitachi kmv12vs kit and circle/straight guide for $100 and I have...
1-11 of 11 Results