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  1. New Member Introductions
    Glad to be joining up today. Hello to you all. Started learning CNC 2 years ago, still somewhat new to the game. CNC Operator from the Boston area working in signage. MutliCam 3000/Flexi/EnRoute
  2. Router Forums Classifieds
    This is a sign copy carver I made over the winter. You could actually copy other things I was only interested in making wood letter signs. The top measures 36"x60", yep its big, the measurements rail to rail are 34" wide by 36" long. I had the frame welded up and I used solid 5/8" rods for the...
  3. Show N' Tell
    Here are some of the things I've done for others (as gifts, mostly.) The clock I did for my mother in-law, and unfortunately she broke the top of the wing and didn't save the broken piece so I could fix it. The black, red & silver shoe was a picture my daughter gave me to make a key rack for...
  4. Wood Scrolling
    I'm trying to make a desk name plate for my son, who recently was ordained as a Youth Pastor. I am trying spiral scroll saw blades and cutting the letters out. Not doing so well as the blade seems to do a jig and I tighten it down significantly. I think near to the point of breaking...
  5. Sign Making
    Airbrushing Carved Wood Sign Letters...anyone doing this? We wonder about using an airbrush to paint the cavities of our wood signs. I bet others have already figured this out and use an airbrush. Makes sense but...? What kind of Airbrush kit? What king of inks or paints? Anybody know...
  6. Sign Making
    Just for the heck of it, I thought it would be interesting to list our DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS with Sign Making. Here's our list (after 3 years experience): 1. Price...we are lucky to get $20 for a 6"x20" sign around here. It's an economic thing and most people are careful with their spending in...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm a long time woodworker with a wide range of interests, experience and skills. I have an opportunity to make a sign for a friend's business and came to this forum looking for templates and words of wisdom. John
  8. Sign Making
    Hello everyone. I'm fairly new at this, but I want to make some signs and have been looking at the milescraft Signpro kit and the Rockler guide set. Rockler letters lock together without rails and seem a lot simpler to use. The pictures show them snapped together and then taped to the wood. Has...
  9. CNC Routing
    Looking at purchasing a Shark but the question is how do you make a sign wider than the 24 inch bed? I assume one can do it in stages but how easy is it to do with the V-Carve software. Thanks Bob Tidmore Beaver Island, MI
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hello forum members. I found your site while searching for information on a router project I recently tackled. I am making routed signs from alphabetic stencils (Rockler's 4" set). My first sign was a modest success; however, I managed to chew through a couple of the plastic stencils and was...
1-10 of 10 Results