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  1. General Routing
    My Milwaukee 5616 router has a dial to controls the speed. There are number on this wheel from 1 (slow) to 7 (fast). However, when you look at the documentation for router bits, they use RPM. How can I convert the 1-7 scale to RPM? I didn't find anything on this topic on Milwaukee's web site...
  2. CNC Routing
    Hello all, I'm having the hardest time determining the correct feed/speed even with all of the available calculators. I'm using VCarve Desktop 11 with a Bobs CNC Evo 4 and cutting into a solid piece of oak. (I switched from pine because of chipping and had some success with harder woods in a...
  3. Shop Safety
    Would I be correct in assuming the mid-point setting (0-10 scale) of a 15A router speed control would result in approximately half of the full speed of the router? I'm trying to limit rpms to around 10K while running a raised panel bit. First time making doors and am a bit intimidated by the...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Don't usually 'join' user groups (find many are not well attended) . This one seems to break that mold and IS well used. Am involved with a kitchen redo; I'm making my own cabs. Had to buy a new router (Craftsman 2 hp) to handle the larger shank/bit sizes for frame and panel doors, mounted...
  5. Portable Routing
    Hi, I've bought the Bosch GKF600 palm router. It is the single speed version. I'm not sure of the different names of this tool. I didn't think much of the variable speed vs fixed speed issue when I bought it. But now when I look at the recommended rpm for the different bits I get confused...
  6. Starting Off
    Hi There all .. Im a hobby "woodworker" that used to do wood work till last school year and from there played around. So excuse my ignorance. Is there a rule of thumb router speed list for different woods in order to save some time in doing sample tests. Thx
1-6 of 7 Results