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  1. Woodworking Articles
    This is just a quick review of how to take apart a Bosch 1617EVS For needed repairs. You will need a 2.5mm Hex wrench to remove the top case of the router. If you need to replace the brushes you will also need a pair of needle-nose pliers. If you need to replace the brush holders you will...
  2. Table-mounted Routing
    Hi, I am new to the forum (amd new to woodworking as well) so please excuse me if this is out of topic but... I am making my own router table and wanted to install a switch similar to the Grizzly H8243 110/220V Paddle On/Off Switch. However I have not been able to find anything similar here...
  3. General Routing
    :fie:I have a Bosch 1617 router which needs a new power switch. I have the part from Bosch & hace begun to disassemble the router to trplace the switch. After removing the top cover I noted that the switch was only accessable from the bottom side of the brush holder & bearing plate. I removed...
  4. General Routing
    Have just bought a Ryobi ERT2100v router, but can't get the power switch to lock on so it can be used in a router table, will the power switch lock on, Ryobi sell a router table thats suitable for "all Ryobi routers", so I assume it should. comments welcome
  5. New Member Introductions
    I have a large paddle on off safety switch I would like to install in my new router table. Its made by General International and can be wired for different phases and voltages. There are two columns of screws to attach wires to and there are three rows of screws in that two column format (two...
  6. Table-mounted Routing
    Hi, Im new the wonders of the router forum, I've been searching around but couldnt seem to find what i was looking for (Im sure its somewhere).. Anyway I was looking for some advice on keeping my router in the "on" position when mounted in a router table. I have a Makita 3612C with a trigger...
1-6 of 6 Results