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  1. CNC Routing
    Hello all, I'm having the hardest time determining the correct feed/speed even with all of the available calculators. I'm using VCarve Desktop 11 with a Bobs CNC Evo 4 and cutting into a solid piece of oak. (I switched from pine because of chipping and had some success with harder woods in a...
  2. CNC Routing
    New to the group and new to CNC after purchasing a unit from a friend. The unit is a high end kit built running on Mach3. I am trying to figure out a workflow without buying a lot of software for now. My first project is cutting out grease channel on 50 cutting boards and then adding a logo...
  3. CNC Routing
    I am writing a series of posts about a CNC sign project I am making for a neighbor. I am learning a bunch from the project so I figured I would document it so that others won't have as hard a time as I did figuring things out. Here is a picture of one of the test pieces I cut before I was...
1-3 of 3 Results