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  1. Tools and Woodworking
    Hello everbody!! I made this video recently, and i wanted to share it with you guy's!! Een raam maken met de Festool Domino XL DF 700 - YouTube It's my first review ever, so please be kind! I'm already busy with some new video's, for instance; a new layout of the workshop, and all sort of...
  2. Router Bits - Types and Usage
    Hi- I've decided to use a rail/stile bits set for 2" thick exterior doors in a window project I'm working on. Freud's 99-277 has the ideal dimensions. Are there any other companies that I should be looking at? I've go ton of windows to build (there is a post on "router tables" if you are...
  3. Table-mounted Routing
    Hi Folks- Recently joined the group, and a planning an exciting project. I've been building a huge barn that will one day be our home. We have a sweet old Montana homestead property, and live in a farm house built in 1900. It is too cool to add a big addition onto, so we're building the...
  4. DIY and Renovation
    I have a couple of questions: 1) How easy is it to replace existing windows with new ones? 2) Vinyl or wood - and why/why not?! Thanks :haha:
1-4 of 4 Results