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  1. Starting Off
    This question is open to all who can help me out. I have a Wolfcraft table and a Bosch 1617 EVS router. ( The plate is about 3/4" thickness) When I install a bit it doesn't extend above the table far enough. I was told that I could put a 1/2" dowel and a 1/2" rubber grommet to raise the bit up...
  2. Table-mounted Routing
    Hi Folks, I just got a new Table - Wolfcraft 490. It a very solid table .. with all the necessities and then some. I followed the install procedure, lots of different type of nuts, bolts, screws and various other parts made from metal or plastic. I also made a stand with shelf, see photos...
  3. Table-mounted Routing
    Hi everyone, I was going to get a Wolfcraft folding router table but went out of stock. Anyone know where I can buy one or get one? I will pay plenty. Also...why did Wolfcraft stop selling this product? reply please... or e-mail me at [email protected]
1-3 of 3 Results