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  1. Workshop Showroom
    I think it is about time I changed my workbench for something more suitable for woodworking, and am looking for suggestions. Attached are some photos and a Sketchup drawing of my "workshop" if you could call it that - it is really a small corner of our back deck about 2.7m x 3.6m (9' x 12')...
  2. Show N' Tell
    Hello everyone! I've been very bussy the last four month and I haven't much visited here but I started to think since many of you have showed your work tables and work benches both stationary and mobile that I would show my old ones I used before I got my shop ready. Many of you have used tens...
  3. Workshop Showroom
    Folks, I got into woodworking last October, when I started on a new workbench for the garage. I found that working with wood and tools was a lot of fun. Attached are photos from when I first started until yesterday when I completed the router table. Any comments, suggestions would be welcome...
  4. Show N' Tell
    hi everyone, this is my new workbench that i built, took about 4 days. it originally was just a pine dinning table that i got from freecycle, but i thought it could do with a bit of smartening up. the top is made from two tops of pine dinning table and the legs are fench post that i had spare...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Came here looking for knowledge about a specific bit (1/4" ovolo), it's usage in bullnosing a piece of 8 'poplar 2 1/2" x 3/4" trim. I ended up staying for the in depth woodworking knowledge offered. I am in the process of building a workbench in my basement and am applying the poplar around...
  6. Tools and Woodworking
    Hello all, I want to buy from Amazon a book about workbenches. My interest is to know all the types, the various accessories and how to properly use them. Some historic details about the benches will be welcome. Detailed plans are not that necessary to me. What would you recomend? Thank you!
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello all. I'm an old new member interested in woodworking. Recently completed a very solid workbench. Planning to tackle cabinets and a few weekend projects next.
  8. Table-mounted Routing
    Hi all I'm relatively new to woodworking, and am just setting up a new shed with workbench for my new hobby. I've just purchased an old (made in England) Record #52, and my Makita 3612C arrives in a few days. I have been attending a furniture design & construction course for over a year now...
1-8 of 9 Results