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Reading Bub's post on brass guides generated a few questions.

I recently ordered the "build your own table set" from OPEL, as most of you know the base plate is 1 1/2 inch in diameter. After a brief search I noticed a limited supply of brass guides that fit a 1 1/2 inch hole, most were 1 3/16 and
1 3/4 inch.

I have to assume that we can't use 1 3/16 due to the wiggle that will remain between the plate and the guide.

Am I limited to having to buy brass guides from OPEL or is 1 1/2 a common guide opening and I just haven't found another source yet??



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Yes Pete you are correct. I went to put my 1 3/16 guide bushings into the opening and found that they don't work. Oak park sells the bushings I believe that fit in the 1 1/2 opening.
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