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1/16" Round Over Bit

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I was glancing through an article on roundover bits and it mentioned using a 1/16" roundover bit to soften edges. I have usually done this with a just a fine sanding block. Should I get the 1/16" roundover bit for this?
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Maybe use the 1/32nd roundover bit first, then go up to the 1/16th to reduce the chances of tearout. ;) I was thinking when I read the topic it was a joke. Wow, I can't believe a bit that small is made. Maybe good for hard or exotic woods that may not sand well????
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I've never seen one that small either, 1/8" is the smallest I have. My go-to supplier goes down to 2.5mm, 3/32". But they do have this interesting new "arris rounding" bit down to 1.5mm:
Like a round-over, but with a very slight chamfer on either side of the curve so that the corner of the bit can't dig in and leave a line. I'm guessing it's aimed at production scenarios where it would save time compared to sanding.
That makes a lot of sense.
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