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1/16" Round Over Bit

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I was glancing through an article on roundover bits and it mentioned using a 1/16" roundover bit to soften edges. I have usually done this with a just a fine sanding block. Should I get the 1/16" roundover bit for this?
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Most of the 1/16" radius router bits have a 1/2" bearing. If you are breaking the edge of parts that have inside radius less than 1/4" your back to sanding by hand. In my case the parts that need to have the sharp edge broken on small radius inside corners, I have a buffer set up with stacked 320 grit 3" x 9" finger sanding strips. Gets into the small inside corners with ease as well as outside. If it is long straight edge that need a broken edge it's back to a trim router with the 1/16" radius router bit and a light touch with 400 paper to remove the fine chatter left by the router.
There are “small pilot roundover” bits that can fit inside corners where a standard 1/2 bearing would get in the way. Just thought I’d let you know so you can reduce some of your sanding.

In woodworking there is always more then one way to accomplish something.
Terry, many many years ago (giving away my age again) when I first started making splinters (LOL) I used bits like this, as they came in sets from Sears.
Worked well on wood that would eventually be painted. BUT, on wood that was to be stained or clear coated it was difficult to keep from getting those little burn marks in the wood from the pilot if there was any hesitation, similar to a bit with bearing that needs to be sharpened. That would result in extra sanding to remove the burn mark, leaving small hollow spots near the edge detail.
I guess, as a backup, this type can be a help.
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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