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1/2 collet assembly.

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I got myself a posi loc craftsman router. Model number is 315.248870, can't find the manual but I found some similar.

This appears to be very similar.

I'm missing the 1/2 collet assembly. I almost stripped the screw (left hand thread) getting the 1/4" out.

All my online searches so far are coming up empty. I'm wondering how long I should put into finding this, or spend time looking for a new router!
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I think a small machine shop could do a decent online business making Craftsman collets.
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I'm fairly confident I tracked down someone online to make me one.

Found a thread in a different forum from 3 years ago, with a guy saying he had some and a email address.

The guy makes them. He wants $34 usd shipped. Seems fair. I think Im gunna try it out. I won't post his email here. But if anyone happens to want one. Pm me. I'll find out if I can pass his email along.
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1/2 collet arrived, as described. I've asked the seller, anyone happening to find this thread. PM me, I'll send you his email.

2 pics with black screw are 1/4 OEM collet.

The other 2 are of the 1/2 collet that was fabricated. Screw and washer and all.


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