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1/2" collet for Craftsman 31517492

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Hi Roger I'm sorry but you are SOL, it's time to buy a new one for about 100 bucks in the combo kit and you get it all in a new router kit :) And use the old one for the light jobs :) if and when you find a collet for it.. =========
This Router is by default 1/2" you only need the Collet to use the 1/4" bits. I am looking for a collet myself. The alternative is to make one. Difficult but not impossible find someone with a lathe.
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Welcome to the forum, @smithdvsd .
Welcome to the forum.
This should not have been split into a new discussion.
This should not have been split into a new discussion.
It was only a three-post thread that was 12-years old, not much of a discussion. This gets the OP greater exposure and better chances for getting responses to his question. The pertinent info from the old thread has been quoted above.
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