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1/4" bit setting for Porter Cable 4215 jig

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I wanted to do half blind dovetails but the depth settings for the bit (1/4" bit) don't seem even close. I'm using 1/2" boards and the pin side is too big for the dovetail. I tried setting the bit shallower but that ends up not really making a dovetail. Unfortunately setting the bit deeper ended up breaking the bit.
When the new bit arrives I'd like to have some method of calculating how far the bit should extend from the router.
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Welcome to the forum, Jaay.
Do you have the instructions for that model jig?
I have lots of instructions but they don't give any real measurements for the 1/4" other than use the set guide on the template. That stop isn't correct for my half blind dovetails. I thought that there should be a formula I could use to set the bit height/depth. None of the manuals say much about the mini dovetails. I was successful in through 1/4" dovetails using their depth guide.
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