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1/4 Box joint jig

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After building several version of Bob and Ricks box joint jig, I finially bought one from them. It works great! That's more then I can say for my versions. I used 1/4 moldings that I found at Home Depot, They are really not 1/4 squares. They are a little over that size and that was why the joints never fitted. Like a 2X4, which is not really 2X4, neither is the 1/4 square moldings.
I also got 4 clamps.
I know that it cost me about $55.00 for the five items, but the nearest wood working supplier Grizzly) is about 150 miles round trip, at 22 mpg, that's about 16 USD for gas and 3.30 USD for tax., and I would not have had the jig.
Ordered Sunday, they were here today, before noon.
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Is your table the same as Bob and Rick use? I want to do the same thing using my Rockler table. When I buy that jig, I will also buy the C Clamps rather than drill holes in my table. -Derek
I have a craftmen professional table. The two holes did not line up with my fence attachment holes. I drilled two new holes to attach it. When I attach it, all I have to do is use the 1/4 brass bar and line it up and I am off to making box joints.
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