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1951 Stanley Model A 115v router

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I have this neat old router with attachable Stanley planer and would like to replace the deteriorated power cord, need suggestions, has a shielded mesh metal covering underneath the rubber. Thought about using a cut off extension cord of proper gauge.
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welcome to the forums N/A..

that'll work...
I think the old stanley routers ,since they had a all metal body and had no 3 wire,2 hot,1 ground used those for gounding the body of the router. You may be able to use tha regular current 3 wire type by attaching the green wire to the router housing.

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router cord

That is what I am thinking.

I’d get some 3-connector ‘service cord’ at your local Lowe’s . Heavy stranded wires and tough covering. I use this wire on all three of my refurb’d DeWalt RAS...
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G'day Malcolm, welcome to the forum.
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