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Hi Sap

A good place to start with is take the user guide/manual out and read ALL the pages then put it down and then cuck a bit up then plug in the router and then pickup the user guide one more time and read it one more time from front to back and if it didn't put you to sleep :) :)

Find some scrap wood clamp it to the work bench and play with the router.

And You will say I'm sure, hey this is fun :)

Bj :)

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Welcome Sap. The best way to start is to buy a plan from an outfit like ShopNotes. There are easy to follow, step by step instructions from start to finish. I suggest building a router table for your first project. Function is more important than beauty with a router table, but you may surprise yourself how well it turns out. You will find ShopNotes magazine at news stands and home improvement stores, specialty stores like Rockler or Woodcraft and online at:
It is always a better deal to buy a complete issue, more plans for your money, but if you can't find the issue you want you can order single plans from as downloadable .PDF files.
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