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2-boxes and basket

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I made two boxes and a basket. The first box is made of tiger maple with Bolivian Rosewood top and bottom. The 2nd box is made of mahogany with a slide out top. The basket is made of hickory. The first box and basket will go to a friend with cancer and her daughter. The mahogany box with slide out lid will go to a friend of a friend.

Last week I delivered 10 boxes to a group that works with folks that are grieving. I added a teddy bear and several packages of Dove chocolate. Several weeks ago I gave them a basket and they told me they gave it to a mother that had recently lost her baby. When I deliver these tomorrow this will made 192 that I have delivered this year.

Malcolm / Kentucky USA


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Malcolm you inspire me to be a better craftsman and person.
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Malcolm you inspire me to be a better craftsman and person.
yes, Malcolm - you are definitely a breath of fresh air here.
Always worth while checking your posts, Malcolm.....
You always do such nice work, Malcolm - excellent job again!
As much as you inspire me with your woodworking, I am even more inspired by your charity. Thank you for sharing.
You definitely have mastery Malcolm. Wonderful to contribute to others, isn't it?
Bless you Malcolm.
Congratulations, Malcolm !!
Each one of those 192 boxes will bring happiness to the recipients.
A big heart dude.
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