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I have just found a bit time to create the drawings of my heavy duty table saw which I have used over the last 5 years. Besides oil and a few bearings there was no other maintenance needed. The design was enhanced with facilities for a router and a drum sander. The leading ideas where: Sturdiness, cost effective simple design, availability of parts and integration. True, the design is ultra heavy (4 studs to carry the assembled table saw). Perhaps not easy to steal either. It’s bolted to the floor with height adjusters.

Integration was attractive to keep cost low and space requirements small. The design is kept modular so each machine, if cash and space is available, can be built separate to the full (with the max adjoining extension tables).

DXF drawings are available as download, so alterations for personal preference are possible. Measurements are not contained in the drawings but can be read out of the design and alter perhaps a little in some cases. Each unit is drawn on separate layers.

This design has a private purpose only and all rights remain with the author.

Risks must be fully understood since woodwork carry’s inherent risks and the author does not accept liability what so ever.

DXF Drawings available: [email protected]

P.s. 228 arched Router / Shaper templates DXF File (Doors, Chairs, Cupboard, Bench, Table etc.) available
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