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3 Keepsake boxes

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A few months back I ran across an article that featured the plans for a small keepsake box. I thought the box was rather nice and certainly would make a welcome gift. So I decided to take those plans and with a few twists here and there, These are what I ended up with...All three boxes are essentially the same. Or I should say started out the same (dimension wise). I had a heck of a time getting satisfactory miters for the lid. The cherry kept wanting to splinter while on the shooting board, no matter what I did... so it is about an inch smaller all around than the other two. Here is a brief description of each box...

#1: Hard maple (originally destined to be a MLB baseball bat...) with "Ribbon Sapele" veneer center panel. The edge banding on all three boxes is either from Rockler or off of Ebay. The felt liners for all three were from Eagle America...With the exception of the Red, which came from Michaels craft stores...The chains and hinges are from Lee Valley.

#2: Mahogany with Quilted Maple veneer center panel...

#3: Cherry with Birdseye Maple veneer center panel. ..


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Those are super nice,Bill! That's a great job, I would love to do something that nice! Love It.
Remember! You are always Your worst critic! That's where You come to become an expert. They are great no mater what, in My opinion.
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