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3 Keepsake boxes

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A few months back I ran across an article that featured the plans for a small keepsake box. I thought the box was rather nice and certainly would make a welcome gift. So I decided to take those plans and with a few twists here and there, These are what I ended up with...All three boxes are essentially the same. Or I should say started out the same (dimension wise). I had a heck of a time getting satisfactory miters for the lid. The cherry kept wanting to splinter while on the shooting board, no matter what I did... so it is about an inch smaller all around than the other two. Here is a brief description of each box...

#1: Hard maple (originally destined to be a MLB baseball bat...) with "Ribbon Sapele" veneer center panel. The edge banding on all three boxes is either from Rockler or off of Ebay. The felt liners for all three were from Eagle America...With the exception of the Red, which came from Michaels craft stores...The chains and hinges are from Lee Valley.

#2: Mahogany with Quilted Maple veneer center panel...

#3: Cherry with Birdseye Maple veneer center panel. ..


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Thank you for the kind words Howard *S*...They did turn out nicely, but I do have to admit that each one has its own little flaws here and there..The level of difficulty would be what I might call moderate with getting the mitre's correct being the most difficult part..... basically a straight forward kind of construction. the real seller for em is the finish I think...The finish schedule for each is/was a bit different due to the type of wood and open pours. Essentially shellac base followed by Lacquer (wet sanded between coats) and then a good polish...
The real beauty of this kind of box is that they can be turned into just about anything, from a keepsake box to jewerly box, ring box, music box etc... with an unlimited number of combinations of wood. Number of splines, type of spline etc...
Thanks Deb..
the inlay does 'add' to the boxes doesn't it.The inlay on the mahogany box is from Rocklers and I was quite please with the quality.

..I picked up the new dewalt 611pk for just that purpose. Now its just practice, practice, practice...

Spectacular Bill! Love the inlays!
Thank you Bob, appreciate that!

Yeah, the errors are all minor in nature and most are the kinda thing that only someone looking for em would find, This was my first attempt at shellac/lacquer finish and learned that patience is without a doubt demanded.

Hi Bill

Very Nice job on the boxes, I looked for errors and I only see one or two all in all great job :)


ain't that the truth!! I'm very hard on my work, but I guess the good thing is that the more I do, the things that might have been a problem on a previous project are ok and its something new to work at improving...

thanks again for the kind words

Remember! You are always Your worst critic! That's where You come to become an expert. They are great no mater what, in My opinion.
Well thank you GT :) very nice of you to say...

the box you like happens to be the one that gave me the most fits. Having had to redo the finish on 3 different occasions. In fact, the pictures i have posted of it, it still is not finished. I need to do a finish sanding and then wax. Everything I've read says to let lacquer dry thoroughly for several days. I figured I would give this one the chance. The other two were wet sanded and waxed the next day. I'm just curious if it makes that much difference. The "ribbon Sapele" is finished to a mirror sheen, right up there with a french polish in terms of reflection. Its unfortunate that I didn't get the real look in any of the pics.

I don't think you can beat the look of quilted maple....I just love the stuff

Hey 2S..lovely boxes. have to admit box #1 with the center inlay is just stunning. Zowie! Knocks my socks off!
BTW.... the boxes are spoken for *S*..

the maple/ribbon sapele will be going to an older couple as a gift for their wedding vow renewal.

the cherry/birdsyeye maple is for the newest addition to the family, a beautiful grand daughter Mia Rose and will be for used to keep all of her "firsts"... (i'm busy looking for a source to make me a oval insert with her name and birthday to be attached to the inside lid..

and the Mahagony/quilted maple is going to the son in law....He's a real computer whiz kid and loves all things electronic...I probably been better off using an Ipad for a lid *L*
goes back and looks.. #1... *LOL* the maple box?...

God I hate technology....
Beall.. hmmmmmmm says I.. thanks GT.. i'm looking at the youtube video's now. I used a buffing wheel from Lee Valley. More a "cone" than a wheel which worked well enough I suppose. This Beall kit looks very promising... thanks for the heads up

What I did was apply 3-5 thin coats of shellac, the first 3 were build ups, and 4-5 were sanded between coats. The lacquer was a spray can variety which I thought worked nicely. Only problem is that because it is a spray can, they need to thin the lacquer out dramatically. so it was 4-5 coats of lacquer as well, for 2-3 were built up then a wet sanding with up to a 1200 automotive paper between....followed by a couple coats of paste wax.

have you ever tried pure carnubba wax? I understand that it is a much 'harder" wax that will produce a much higher sheen?
Thank you John... always appreciate a kind word from you.

as for the recipients knowing how much work went into them... naaaaaaaaa they don't have a clue *L* and thats fine by me. I've been asked several times to do different projects for folks for pay, I just don't have a clue as to where to begin figuring out what somethings are fact, i have a good friend who owns a high end crafty kinda store (more of a country arts market) who has been after me for years to put things out on consignment in his shop. I often think about it, but have never pulled the trigger. but it sure would be a nice way to fund future tool purchases and keep the Mrs. happy at the same time :)

Really nice boxes. I hope who ever gets them realizes the amout of time and effort that goes into them. I made the mistake of buying one of those books on how to price your work. From that day forward I see the price of our wood work go through the roof. Again you did a great job and I love seeing them.
DAMIR66/Cookie Monster...

thanks for the kind words guys... glad ya like em..

This is masterpiece!:):):)
Hey Marco... thanks for the kind words.... very much appreciated :)

Three beautiful boxes Bill....something to be proud of. I especially like the Mahogany with Quilted Maple veneer center panel... Thanks for explaining about the finishes and techniques you used.... again beautiful boxes!
thanks Jerry :) very much appreciate the compliment...

these were pretty straight forward with just a bit of 'extra' and some nice wood I had sitting around the shop. The only parts I hard to order was the hardware.

I have really been out of pocket, so this is the first time to see these, very fine workmanship Bill, very well done. I only hope to do that well.
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