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3 Keepsake boxes

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A few months back I ran across an article that featured the plans for a small keepsake box. I thought the box was rather nice and certainly would make a welcome gift. So I decided to take those plans and with a few twists here and there, These are what I ended up with...All three boxes are essentially the same. Or I should say started out the same (dimension wise). I had a heck of a time getting satisfactory miters for the lid. The cherry kept wanting to splinter while on the shooting board, no matter what I did... so it is about an inch smaller all around than the other two. Here is a brief description of each box...

#1: Hard maple (originally destined to be a MLB baseball bat...) with "Ribbon Sapele" veneer center panel. The edge banding on all three boxes is either from Rockler or off of Ebay. The felt liners for all three were from Eagle America...With the exception of the Red, which came from Michaels craft stores...The chains and hinges are from Lee Valley.

#2: Mahogany with Quilted Maple veneer center panel...

#3: Cherry with Birdseye Maple veneer center panel. ..


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Hey 2S..lovely boxes. have to admit box #1 with the center inlay is just stunning. Zowie! Knocks my socks off!
glad all are going to a good home..make sure you get visitation rights!!! Lacquer really does need a few dry days to set properly. Do you have a buffing system? Like the Beall? Helps tremendously. You can even buff the raw wood with the tripoli & white diamond.. check for any imperfections clean it then do your lacquer..then buff the lacquer & hit it with a good wax
Again, super boxes. the new owners will be delighted.
yes, I have used is harder. It's what the beall 3 buff system uses. As a turner I prefer Reniassance (spelling?) wax. microcrystalline wax...Expensive & comes in a tiny tin for about 20.00. YIKES..the advantage is that it does not show fingerprints. i used it exclusively when I did shows & had my gallery. Kept me from having to wipe down everything constantly. Lacquer is a great finish, but hard on your lungs. Your shellac pre-finish is super good, then the lacquer over it. but it is time consuming. If you believe it will get a ton of hands on it, then poly (thinned in many coats) and buffed is tough as nails. I love shellac & did most stuff in it and wax over.It's tougher than most folks think.(and eco & me friendly) But turned with shellac has the advantage of the spinning lathe. the shellac melts into any imperfections and makes a very soft, baby butt smooth finish, and it dries very very quickly. i have changed finishes 300 times over the years. I have tried just about everything NEW, and Because I turn I use shellac. Old is good!!! You will find a finish you like best & will stick with it too.
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