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3040 3 axis engraving software

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Hi i have hand routed some signs to a certain degree of competence but i wanted to try and venture into a CNC machine. I bought a 3040 3axis engraving/router, i know absolutely nothing about CNC programing, i have managed to put the machine together and i have mach3 installed but no cad or cam software i was wondering if someone could point in the direction i need to go regading what i need and the simpler the better
Thanking you in advance
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Hi William and welcome. I'm sure some of CNC experts will have recommendations.
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Welcome to the forum William.
Welcome aboard.

I tried Fusion360 but just couledn't get a grasp on it. It is free to use for sales under $100K/yr.

I settled on Vectric's VCarve Desktop, but soon upgraded to the Pro version. You can download the trial version and test it out to see if you like it. I seem to get better each day. Like you, I had no CAD/CAM or programming experience.

Check out the tutorial videos on You Tube.
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I love Vectric's Aspire. Check all of Vectric you can download the trial versions and see what works for you.
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