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3601B any good for a table router?

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I'm thinking of getting a Makita 3601B to use on a router table I want to build... has anyone used the 3601B with a table? I'd hate to buy it then realise it's no good for it. My other router doesn't have a lock on start which is a little annoying.. I don't fancy hardwiring into the table! >_<
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Actually a remote switch is very handy and safer than having to reach under, especially in a pinch. Many mount one under the front edge. I mounted mine on top of my fence. A foot operated switch is an option too.
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While you are at it add a speed controler it has the On/Off switch on it. Your router switch is on all the time and controlled by the speed control.
Might want to check what lifts it will be compatible with if/when that becomes a need/desire. Jessem takes many brands but only by model.
If you are going to be doing small to medium projects then this might be a decent choice but if you want something that will handle medium and heavier jobs I would go with a larger route. Also something to consider is the availability of parts, I believe this is one of their models they are replacing and a few of the parts are already not available on some aftermarket sites.

If you have another router that does not have a lock on the on/off trigger you can use a wire tie on the trigger and run it through an on/off switch.
Thanks for the replys. I've ended up ordering a Triton 1400 Watt unit.
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