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Buy a Triton

Hi Guys

thanks for the replies

typical Australia, have to compromise where the guys in the states just go to Walmart get what they need. If only they would go 240 volt and metric, would make the world a better place. and they could start driving on the correct side of the road :smile:
Carbatec used to sell Porter Cable routers & other products in Australia (I am old enough to know).
Then one day Porter Cable stopped making 240V (220-240v) versions of their products and that was when Carbatec stop selling Porter Cable (fixed base) routers.
Dewalt now owners of Porter Cable still has products in 220v-240V available in Australia. Dewalt is owned by Stanley-Black and Decker.
Most in Australia go for Triton routers which already can adjust height from the top of the table without needing expensive router lifts made in USA that are designed ONLY for fixed base routers.
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