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6 Bits by Porter Cable

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I attended the woodworking show in Chicago a couple of months ago. I was at the router demonstration at the Porter Cable booth and the demonstrator spoke of 6 router bits that could, with minor variations, do a lot of different operations. I unfortunately did not have a pen with me, for some odd reason.

I was wondering if someone on this board could help me out with what 6 bits he mentioned? Maybe they did the same presentation in other cities, so if you know, from whatever show you went to, could you please let me know.


Andrew Stonina
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Welcome to the forums Andrew Stonina! Hopefully someone will have the answer for you. Good luck!
HI Andrew,
Do you mean the show in Villa Park? At any rate, why not contact them direct at:
Hit "about us" and then "contact" - I've had them answer some pretty obscure questions for me!
Have a look at Infinity Router bits they have a set with 1/2" shanks they call the essential six for $99.50,if you add a 5/16" roman ogee that will cover most of the basic routing we all do. I'm sure this set was put together at the request of awoodworking magazine,but I don't remember which one.


"Wood" magazine had an article in an issue about just this question. I don't recall which issue, but it was printed in the last year. One of the router bit companies in the US, I think "white" actually produced a set of six bits based on this list.
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