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6" jointer

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i have a tradesman 6" jointer that i bought years ago . can not find the manual . searched a lot of manual sights . with no luck .now reaching out to woodworking forums i hope that some one may be able to help me thank you Robert vaillancourt. :smile:
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Is it a specific question you need help with, or general? A lot of joiners that size are pretty generic, a manual from an older grizzly, steel city or Jet machine may be all you need
Hi Robert and welcome. I think Home Hardware here in Canada sold that brand but I'm not sure if they still do. They are a made in Taiwan machine and as Doug said likely sold as other brands too. King Canada's jointer might be the same. This link says they are made by Rexon who I think also manufacture Makita and Hitachi tools, or at least some of them. Welcome to Tradesman-Rexon, Where Great Projects Begin.
Hi, Bob ~ Here is a link to the manual for a Tradesman 6 1/8 inch jointer. Hope this helps.

Web Shepherd
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